Canadian Pizza Chef of the Year – West





Bring your best signature pizza to the Chef of the Year competition at the 2023 Canadian Pizza Summit West!

May 14-15, 2023
Vancouver Convention Centre
Vancouver, B.C.

Professional pizza makers will compete to be our next Chef of the Year West! Our winner will win a cover story in Canadian Pizza magazine and receive a free trip to compete in the International Pizza Challenge at Pizza Expo in Las Vegas in March 2024!


  • Do you love to make pizza? Enter!
  • Are you creative? Enter!
  • Want to show off your pizza? Enter!
  • Owners: Looking for a way to set your pizzeria apart from the rest? Enter!
  • Pizza makers: Want to show your boss what you can do? Enter!
  • Managers: Want to motivate your employees? Encourage them to enter!
  • Want to win a trip to Vegas to compete in the International Pizza Expo? Enter!
  • Want to be featured in Canadian Pizza magazine? Enter!



Open to owners, managers, chefs and employees of Canadian pizzerias or restaurants that feature homemade (fresh) pizzas. Must be 18 years of age and older. Canadian Pizza employees and their family members are not eligible, nor are employees or representatives of advertisers, exhibitors, other suppliers to the industry or their affiliates.


WINNER: A free trip to compete in the International Pizza Challenge at Pizza Expo in March 2024. Canadian Pizza magazine will feature you on the cover! And of course, an award to display proudly in your pizzeria.

SECOND PLACE: $300 and an award to display proudly in your pizzeria.

THIRD PLACE: $200 and an award to display proudly in your pizzeria.

ALL CHEFS: A certificate to recognize your participation in Chef of the Year.

Competitors may enter a pizza with any combination and number of toppings they choose. There are no restrictions on dough, sauce, toppings or styles. Otherwise, imagination is your only limit!
Entrants have two choices:
Make two (2) round pizzas at least 10 inches in diameter.


Make two (2) square/rectangular pan pizzas at least 10 x 14 inches each

Competitors will remove the finished pizza from oven, cut it and place it on a plate or tray for the judges. At this time Canadian Pizza magazine will take photos of chef with pizza, then the pizza will be taken to an area to have photos taken of the pizza itself.

Competitors will decide which of the two pizzas will go to the judges. The second will be given to the audience for sampling.

The pizza will be taken by a runner to the judging area. Here the description of the pizza will be read to the judges (who will each have a written recipe at hand). Staff will cut the pizza and allow each judge to choose a slice (piece). The judges will grade the pizza. Score sheets picked up by organizers at the end of the flight. Scores will be tallied during the competition by show management and winners confirmed by end of day.

Chef of the Year competitors must provide their recipe OR a description of their pizza to the organizers by email on or before May 14, 2023, or bring their recipe on paper or cue card to the competition. This information will be used during the judging of each pizza. The more information provided, the easier it will be for judges to evaluate each pizza. In entering, competitors give their permission for Canadian Pizza magazine to publish their recipes and descriptions online and in print.


Competitors are allowed one (1) assistant to help with transport of materials and prep work. Assistants must be registered as attendees. All handling of dough and assembly of the pizzas must be done by the competitors themselves.

All competitors will prepare and bake their pizzas in the kitchen using the ovens provided (details to be announced and emailed to competitors). Oven specifications will be provided by email to competitors at least one month before the event. Chefs will provide their ideal temperature range (500-600 F, 600-700 F, 700-800 F or 800-900 F) and oven assignments will be determined prior to the competition by the chefs’ ideal temperature. IMPORTANT: The ovens may be set at fixed temperatures based on an average of the ideal temperatures provided at registration time. If this is decided, the decision will be communicated to all entrants.


Competition prep and presentation times will be emailed to competitors a week prior to the competition. See the Schedule on the main page of the Summit website for a general rundown of the day’s activities. Each chef will have 30 minutes to assemble and bake their pizzas. Chefs will be timed by Pizza Summit staff. In addition, each contestant will be required to clean up their assembly space prior to presenting the pizza for judging. Failure to adhere to time restrictions or to clean up in a presentable fashion will result in an automatic deduction of three (3) points on each judge’s scorecard.



  • Oven
  • Prep station (metal counter)
  • Metal perforated pizza peels
  • Pizza wheels
  • Ladles
  • Pie servers
  • Food-grade rubber gloves
  • Lint-free cloths
  • Spray cleaner
  • Hand-wash station


  • Ingredients in coolers (there may be only limited refrigeration space available and cannot be guaranteed)
  • Ingredients for 2 pizzas (minimum 10 inches in diameter)
  • Pizza peel (if a specific type than noted above is preferred)
  • Pans or anything specific to your pizza at the prep or bake stage
  • Presentation plate or tray
  • Any other items that you may require and are not listed on the Canadian Pizza supply list, such as a probe thermometer or rolling pin


The judging panel will be made up of impartial culinary experts that may include chefs, food critics and others in the industry. The judges’ names and biographies will be published in advance.

Pizzas will be scored on the following criteria:

  • Bake (not burnt, undercooked, etc.) – judged independently of other criteria
  • Crust (texture, flavour, appearance, crumb, etc.)
  • Toppings (do the flavours complement each other? Bland, strong, appetizing, correct preparation, etc.)
  • Creativity (innovation in ingredient preparation and use, wow factor)
  • Presentation (visual appearance)


  • A maximum of 16 spaces are available in the Chef of the Year competition.
  • Entries are accepted on a first come, first served basis.
  • Entries will close when the maximum number has been reached.
  • Those who have won Chef of the Year in the last three years are not eligible to enter Chef of the Year East.
  • Each contestant will have the same amount of time to prepare, bake and present their pizza.
  • Entrant must be the owner or employee of a Canadian pizzeria or restaurant that features homemade (fresh) pizzas. They must be 18 years of age or older. The competition is open only to owners, managers, chefs or employees from the restaurant and pizzeria industries. Canadian Pizza employees and their family members are not eligible, nor are employees or representatives of advertisers, exhibitors, other suppliers to the industry or their affiliates.
  • Entrants must bake and present their pizza to the judges within their allotted time. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  • Only one entry (type of pizza) per competitor is permitted, and up to two competitors per establishment.*
  • Bake times (order of competitors) will be provided in advance of the competition.
  • Competitors will receive an email from Canadian Pizza Summit organizers approximately one week prior to the competition giving further details of the competition, rules and oven information. They will be asked to provide recipes at this time.
  • Judges’ decisions are final in all aspects of the competition.
  • Competitors will give permission for Canadian Pizza to use photos and statements in any future media without obligation.
  • Winners must be eligible to travel to the U.S. for the International Pizza Challenge at Pizza Expo in 2024 to collect their prizes. Prizes are non-transferable.
  • *“Establishment” refers to business ownership and not physical location. Corporately owned pizzeria or restaurant chains may enter up to two competitors across the corporation. Individual franchisees count as one establishment and may enter up to two competitors per franchisee.


Competition registration is on a first come, first served basis. Entries will close on May 7, 2023, or when the maximum number has been reached. Registration for competitions online opens Feb. 1, 2023. Competitors must register for BOTH the Chef of the Year West Competition AND Bakery Showcase (admission $20). See links on this page. No on-site entries to the competition will be permitted. A valid registration is interpreted as the acceptance by the competitor of all contest rules. IMPORTANT: Competitors must register 1) to attend Bakery Showcase (admission $20) and 2) to compete in the Chef of the Year Competition. Please note: Registering to attend Bakery Showcase/Canadian Pizza Summit does NOT automatically enter you in the competition.